Taking portraits it’s one of the things I love the most, trying to extract the personality of your subject or just expressing something with a portrait it’s amazing.
How easy is to create art with your camera and some light.

Late Valentine’s








I know it’s late for a Valentine’s post, but I’m still inspired by valentine’s stuff so I wanted to take some pictures and write about LOVE haha.
Okay what comes to my mind is that LOVE is an amazing feeling that we should share with everyone, what an incredible world it would be if we spread the LOVE, not just with the ones that we love naturally, I mean with everyone even strangers haha if you think God has given us to much LOVE so we should give back more LOVE haha even to ourselfs, we should love us more, and no in a Kanye West style haha but taking care of our body, mind and spirit and also with our awsome planet, we have to LOVE it, look out for it and be good to it.
So yeah I’m crazy about LOVE, let’s try to give more LOVE !

Have an amazing day full of LOVE!

Love xx


Caribbean Photo Diary !

Sanjuan1 Sanjuan2 Oldman oldsanjuan4 oldsanjuan3 oldsanjuan1 oldsanjuan2 stcoaix stmaartenplane1 StMaarten stmaartenplane2 Antiguasea2 Antiguaag antiguawaves2 antiguawaves1 antiguawaves3 antiguamarket2 AntiguaMarket Martinique CarrouselM Martiniqueboat Martiniquestreets Martiniquelibrary martiniquetown Martiniqueoldlady barbadostown Barbados1 Barbadosag Barbadosb2 chipmunk MiamiBeach Rope2Rope cruiseelevator2 cruiseelevator1 Cruise2Martiniquefortfrance agstm



When you have the opportunity to travel and explore this amazing world where we live you have incredible experiences like discovering different cultures so different from what you are used to, it’s like a explosion to your mind seeing so many things to learn and admire, and the only way we can share the things we saw it’s with photographs, capturing those moments or things that shocked us in an amazing way. So this year I had the opportunity to visit some part of the caribbean, starting in San Juan, Puerto Rico, then St. Croix which is part of the American Virgin Islands, then I went to St. Maarten, an Island that is half french and half dutch, after that I visited Antigua & Barbuda this Island was british at some point but since long long time ago it’s independent, my trip continued to Martinique,which is a french island, very cool listening to everyone speak french and seeing Euros, okay after that I went to my last stop which was Barbados, okay I think everyone has listened about this island, I mean, I hear Barbados and I think Rihanna, so I was pretty excited to go, this island at some point was spanish and then the british came and it became british but now is independent, okay I was wrong, my last stop wasn’t Barbados, yes it was my last island to visit but to end my trip I went to Miami which was a city that I never visited before, and I liked it, Miami Beach is really cool and I think in the summer should be amazing to spent some time there.

What I have to say about this incredible places is that OMG! they’re so amazingly beautiful,God made us an incredible world, full of nature that never stops to surprise me, each island has it’s charm and the people is super warm and incredibly nice, I had a lovely time!

The photos are in the order of my trip, I hope you enjoy them !

This life that we’re living it’s an amazing gift from God,so live it, love it, be kind to everyone and enjoy it to the fullest even on the hard times!

Love xx


Come as you are


Hello folks !!

I wish you a super cool monday and I hope you like this !!                                                                                                                                                                                         Stay weird !

Love xx







Romantic Vibes



Hi !
I wanted to share this pictures that have some kind of romantic vibes, I think I said “romantic” because when I put some flowers inmediately the word romantic comes to my mind.
Well as the weather is getting hotter, I have this kind of romantic, hippie inspiration with beachy hair, flower crowns and all that. I could say that right now I have an obsession with flower crowns, I think this is more like Coachella inspiration.

Love xx













I was wearing

H&M  Crop Top

Zara Skirt

Steve Madden Boots

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Costa Rica



Hi !! I haven’t been posting anything for the last few days because I was traveling, but I’m back at it again !! This is a little bit different post. Here are a few shots from beautiful Costa Rica ! I hope you like it !!

Lots of love xx












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Boyish !!


Hello everybody !!!

I hope you’re having a great start of the year !! Beginnings are always exciting, personally I already have many plans for this year and I’m so excited (I hope that I feel the same way in a few weeks) anyways, in a completly different subject, I like this outfit a lot, specially for the beanie, I have a cool relationship with beanies, I just love them so much, they’re fun !!

Cheers to an awsome year, and remember to be happy !!!


I was supposed to upload this post a few days ago, when my site was fromstreetwithlove.com but due to some difficulties that I have with it, I change it to fromstreetwithlove.me but as I have pretty much no idea about changing or exporting sites (I don’t even know how to say it), I had to do it all over again, but thank God I did it and I’m really happy.
I hope you enjoy.

Lots of love xx






I Was Wearing
Brandy Melville Beanie
Zara Trousers
Mango Loafers